Train Like a Champion!

U.S. Wrestling Camps were designed by top college coaches to provide top-notch technical instruction in a competitive and positive atmosphere. At our Connecticut wrestling camp, wrestlers will concentrate on individual skill techniques, strength and conditioning exercises, becoming more mentally tough, and live wrestling. Our core instructional program will give each camper the opportunity to become better wrestlers and more dedicated to their sport – both on and off the mat.


This year we will offer two  training programs:


Wrestling Technique Camp (ages 9-16)

In our technique camp, we will highlight each aspect of technical wrestling.  Our primary focus will be on personal skill development.  Campers will learn the technical fundamentals for all facets of wrestling, including takedowns, reversals and escapes, counter offense, and riding/pinning


Intensive Wrestling Camp (ages 12-18)

In our intensive wrestling camp, we will focus on developing the complete competitive wrestler in a challenging and dedicated wrestling camp atmosphere.  We will improve every camper’s performance level through our training program of discipline, dedication, physical conditioning, mental preparation, and sacrifice.  This is the perfect camp for the wrestler who wants to commit himself to peak performance and getting to the next level.



  • 1-on-1 Feedback
  • Technical Analysis
  • Division I Staff
  • Strength Training
  • Conditioning & Eating Right
  • Conditioning & Eating Right
  • Mental Toughness Development
  • Match Preparation
  • Weight Class Meets
  • Collegiate Roundtable

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